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If you've got a question about your agreement or CS Link, take a look at our FAQs below first. 

Manage your account online through CS Link
The quickest and easiest way to make changes to your agreement, request a settlement, make payments and much more is through our self-service platform CS Link

You can find out more about CS Link here or alternatively register for your account now. 

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  • Account
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    • How can I access my account?
      Signing up to CS Link is very easy and fast, simply follow the link and ensure you have your Vehicle Registration or agreement number to hand to access your account, we will then go through some security with you and set up your username and password to use!

      On your CS Link you can check

      • An overall summary of the position of your account
      • Your address
      • Your vehicle details
      • Contract schedule
      • Contract/payment history (can be downloaded as an excel spreadsheet)
      • Personal details
      • Settlement quote (and save it as a PDF)
      • Manual payments (up to £1,000)
      • Service requests Create a settlement quote

      On your CS Link you can change

      • Any personal details – address, contact details (email and phone)
      • Create yourself a settlement quote
      • Make and control manual payments
      • Enter your bank details and configure your direct debit
      • Change the due date of your payments

    • I can't login, how do I reset my password?

      We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with your online account.

      If you cannot login because you have forgotten your password and or username please follow this link. There you will be asked to provide your agreement number or vehicle registration, alongside your date of birth and security answers, to allow you to have email confirmation of the new username and password.

      If you are having other issues with CS Link, with access, functionality, or any other matters, please contact our Customer Service Centre, where our agents will be able to help you.

      To contact our Customer Service Centre please phone: 0344 871 2222, option 5.

    • How do I register?

      Visit CS Link and hit the ‘Click Here to Register’ text above the username and password box.

      Follow the information required on the registration page. You will need your agreement or vehicle registration number to hand.

      If you need further assistance please see our step-by-step guide here.

  • Agreement
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    • How do I generate a settlement quote?

      The easiest way to receive your settlement figure is through CS Link; on your account you can generate this figure under the ‘Settlement Quote’ menu item. You can then export this as a PDF so you can bring it to the dealership by clicking ‘Settlement Quote Report’.

      The settlement quote will last only for 30 days, but will not consider a recent payment within that month period (it will not subtract any payments automatically within this period). If your quote runs out you can request a new one at any time and as many times as you would like.

      If you are interested in a new car and haven’t visited a Retailer to test drive yet, please check out the MG website and browse the range.

    • How long is left on my contract?

      The best way to find out how much is outstanding on your agreement and the remaining term, is to access your online account CS Link, where you can look at your payment history, contract schedule and generate a settlement figure throughout your agreement period with us.

    • My contract is ending, how much do I owe?

      If you are coming to the end of your agreement and you want to know how much is left to pay at any point throughout your agreement, you will need to generate a settlement figure. The easiest way to receive this is through CS Link. You are able to export the settlement figure as a PDF, to keep and print.

      If choosing to generate a settlement figure to pay and close your account, please be aware that payments can be made of up to £1,000 on your online account or up to £10,000 over the phone. When paying in full via CS Link the account will be closed and you will receive a letter confirming the closure of your account.

    • What is the PCP handback process?
      To find out in more detail about the vehicle handback process download the relevant documents on the Finance -> PCP page within the 'What happens at the end of my agreement?' section.

      Firstly, you will need to contact us to notify us of your intention to handback the vehicle. Please see the PCP end of term letter for details on how to do this.

      We will send out the appropriate information to your dealership, once you have notified us and when the final instalment has been paid.

      Your final payment (sometimes known as guaranteed future value, GFV or balloon payment) does not need to be paid in order to handback the vehicle.

      You can accelerate your handback by paying up to 3 instalments early, by contacting our customer service centre.

      You should return the vehicle no later than one day before the final payment is due. Your appointment with the Retailer should be mutually agreed beforehand, so that the entire process can be completed by the final payment (GFV) date.

  • Payment
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    • How do I pay off part of my contract?

      You can make a partial early settlement at any point throughout your agreement and as many times as you would like.

      To make a partial early settlement of up to £1,000, your online account CS Link, is the easiest and quickest way to do this. Simply make a manual payment onto your account of any amount, this will be flagged in our systems as an overpayment, however to confirm that it is a partial settlement: we then request that you call us to determine your next options. This can be to either reduce the term of your account (reduction in time to complete the payment on your agreement), or reduce your monthly payments (keeping the time taken to pay back the same).

      Once arranged you will receive a confirmation letter setting out your new payment plan.

      For payments above £1,000 (but below £10,000) we ask that you kindly call in to make these larger payments. The best number to contact us on to make an autopay is: 0344 871 2222, option 1 (autopay for up to £2,000), or option 5 (for up to £10,000).

    • How do I make a manual monthly payment?
      If you are planning to make a monthly payment manually, because you may have missed one or a standing order hasn’t processed, please go to CS Link. Here you can make payments of up to £1,000.
    • How do I set up a monthly direct debit?

      The quickest way to set up your direct debit is to login to your CS Link account.

      From here you can click 'More' and then 'Bank Details' to configure your direct debit.

    • How do I change my payment date?

      You are able to change the payment date by logging into CS Link.

      After logging in, click on your account number, highlighted in red, on the Account Summary page. After this, simply click on the menu item called 'Change Payment Date'.

    • I am having difficulty meeting my payments, what can I do?

      We are sorry to hear you may be facing difficulties, if you have missed payments and you are receiving contact from us, we ask that you call our Collections Team as soon as possible, using the number: 0344 871 2222, option 2.

      If you wish to make a payment directly, please access your CS Link online account to do so.

      If you are concerned about your ability to keep up to date with payments, our agents are here to help you. We are committed to treating customers fairly and are able to discuss possible arrangements to complete your agreement in a way that works best for you and us.

      There are also independent sources that may be able to help you if you prefer. Here are some links to organisations within the UK that provide assistance to customers who are experiencing financial difficulties:
      Citizen’s advice