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MG Financial Services has provided competitive finance solutions for MG dealers and customers in the United Kingdom since 2011. MG customers can choose from Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Conditional Sale to finance their new car.

The company also helps MG dealers grow and finance their businesses with competitive retail loan and lease programs plus wholesale finance solutions. 


The history of MG dates back to the 1920s when William Morris and his employee Cecil Kimber came together to create MG (Morris Garages). The company focused on modifying Morris cars to add power and drive better. In 1924 MG launched their first car, the MG 14/28 Super Sports.

Over the decades MG has been part of the major British automotive manufacturers including British Motor Corporation, British Leyland and MG Rover Group. In 2006 MG was purchased by the Nanjing Automobile Group (which became SAIC in 2008) and resumed making cars in 2007.

In 2018 MG was the fastest growing manufacturer in the United Kingdom, with a sales increase of over 100%.* 2017-2018

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